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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Albert’s Abyss

 “Hey Albert, good luck exploring the infinite abyss”. Those were the last words Albert would ever speak to Andrew Largeman but they were enough.

In the sequel to the indie darling Garden State comes the story of Albert and his wife as they guard the quarry from the dangerous outside world. At least that is what they think they are hired to do. At the bottom is an adventure of epic proportions that HG Wells himself would be proud of. Join Albert and his family as they discover just what happens when you stare down an infinite abyss and decide to explore what is inside. What will fate bring them? (A dinosaur or two if they are lucky)

Albert’s Abyss is a story for the ages about love, loss and the guts it takes to look death in the face and keep going. Hipsters are already hailing its indie soundtrack and claiming it as a cult classic. See it before it becomes cool so you can be the first to say you saw the Garden State sequel before Zach Braff even thought to make a sequel.



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