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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Never NeverEnding Story

Bastian Bux is at it again! When adulthood takes over and Bastian becomes too busy with reality to think about Fantasia, the “debt crisis” begins to overtake the fantasy land threatening its very existence.

Now a successful congressman, Bastian has all but forgotten his childhood exploits into the fantasy world of Fantasia. Bored and starving for attention, Bastian’s son finds The NeverEnding Story book in the attic and gets transported to this imaginative world to help save it from financial destruction. Bastian’s son soon finds out that Fantasia is worse off than he imagined (which seems counter-productive to imagine a land in financial ruins when the entire economy runs on imagination). When he enlists the help of Falcor he finds he has been repossessed from Atreyu and must be purchased at a police auction before they can go on a journey of a lifetime. Having a hard time securing the funds for Falcor, it looks like time is running out for Bastian’s son and the entire land of Fantasia.

Meanwhile, with his son missing, Bastian is forced to return to the land he long left behind to save his son and maybe a little bit of himself along the way.

The Never NeverEnding Story is a tale of greed, redemption and practical applications in a theoretical world. With a little imagination, you’d be amazed at how easily you can find yourself and a solution to a nations crippling debt issue.


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