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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Reflection Day

It has been 111 days since the inception of Rejected Book Plots so as opposed to a post today that will make you laugh or shake your head in disappointment, I’d like to, with your permission, make you think.

Ya know how in A Beautiful Mind you really believe Russell Crowe is a genius and total BA but then you find out (Spoiler Alert!) ((Come on, it’s been a decade I really can’t be spoiling anything here)) that he’s fucking nuts? He makes up entire relationships and events in his life and they are so vivid he has a really hard time believing they aren’t real experiences. Well…what if that is happening to you right now. What if you’re the one making up all of these Rejected Book Plots and I’m just a figment of your imagination? Why do you use so many commas, self? Did you just sleep through every grammar class you ever took, you? Why do you enjoy run-on sentences so much? What if this blog post is your mind’s way of telling you that you are crazy and need to get some help? Think about it. I mean, well you mean, really think about it. Did we really get coffee yesterday? Do you know anyone else who complains that putties from The Power Rangers come down in even numbers when the only way to defeat them is to throw them into each other? The evidence is overwhelming if you choose to believe. After all, you believe in aliens and Harvey Dent so why not this?

If you choose not to get help, I will enable your psychosis tomorrow with another brilliant post.


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