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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

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Peeta: The Unauthorized Biography Told Through The Eyes Of Gail

Hi, my name’s Peeta and I come from a family of bakers and once I gave Katniss some burnt bread to save her life and then never told her how I felt about her until it was convenient for me. Thinking about it now, she should really be with Gail. I’m not the guy for her. She deserves someone who she’s hunted with and trusted most of her life. Not someone who fought in multiple Hunger Games with her and saved her life on numerous occasions in the name of love. No, she deserves Gail. Now that’s a real man. I’m going to go break up with her right now and insist she get with Gail. It is the right thing to do.

Peeta: The Unauthorized Biography Told Through The Eyes Of Gail is the story of one man who doesn’t get the girl so journals about the guy who does and then envisions him breaking up with her so they could finally be together. It is totally normal and healthy.


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The Snarky Games

In a world where snarky teenage kids are portrayed in popular culture more often than Pepsi product placement, it has become clear that something must be done. So finally Miramax has stood up for the common man and pitted the 12 most snarky kids together in a fight for the sarcastic title character and a two movie sequel deal. In an arena where words are more valuable than food- who will make it out alive? Will Juno use her fast talking, don’t care about nothing attitude to beat out Scott Pilgrim and his adorkable ability to tell me that he’s in lesbians with me and I totally fall for it? Or will Stewie from Family Guy remain victorious over Pacey from Dawson’s Creek (is that too outdated of a reference)? So many quips, so many references, so little audience reach.

The Snarky Games is a pathetic attempt to draw on the crowd of the Hunger Games for blog views because in only a short 8 days I will have finished my year long blogging venture and then where will I be? WHERE?

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