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Please Don’t Let Me Die In A Fiery Car Crash And Have My Headline Read ‘Died While Listening To The High School Musical 2 Soundtrack”

Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is blasting musical numbers in your car and singing all the parts, Miranda thought to herself as she drove down the slick wintery road not knowing what fate had in store for her. Just as she got to Zac Efron’s pleading verse a car came out of no where and hit the driver’s side of her 1998 Impala. She was dead on impact.

Please Don’t Let Me Die In A Fiery Car Crash And Have My Headline Read ‘Died While Listening To The High School Musical 2 Soundtrack” is the story of the grief one dead girl gets by listening to High School Musical 2 without having a tween in the back seat. The humiliation her family faces, you would think she were a Bin Laden. Her boyfriend will deny they were ever together. Her parents will have to move from the shame and dirty looks they receive any time they dare leave the house. You can bet on it that is this one story as old as time. Will her family ever be more than the parents of the girl who died while listening to the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack? Will her boyfriend ever find love again or is he forever branded as the man who dated the girl who died while listening to the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack?


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Chemical Collide: The Breaking Bad Musical

Following the widely successful AMC hit Breaking Bad, comes a look back on season one in a whole different way. The Great White Way. The B’Way Way. Broadway, Baby.

With Mr. White recently diagnosed with cancer and only a short time to live, he decides the best way to spend his time is to make as much money as possible and the best way to do that being to use his chemistry knowledge to cook some meth. So with the help of ex-student Jesse, the two go on a wacky adventure of cooking, selling and general hijinks. Will Mr. White be able to keep his toe taping secret from his family? Will bad boy Jesse kick the habit in order to be a contributing member of team? So many questions. Only one intermission!

Known for unexpected twists and WTF moments, Chemical Collide: The Breaking Bad Musical will leave you humming until the meth soaked, blood spattered, ballad bursting end.


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Batman: The Musical!

 With the enormous ticket sale success of Spiderman: The Musical, comes the latest in staged superhero antics. From the twisted minds of Christopher Nolan and my little brother comes the musical for the ages. Batman: The Musical! tells the story of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman as they fight to protect Gotham City from the perils of The Joker.

With music by Sting and The Police you’ll be certain to walk out singing such soon to be hits as If I Were a Rich Man, Oh Wait- I Am! and Why Do We Fall, Master Bruce?

Don’t forget about The Joker’s rock anthem that surely will bring you to your feet: JK.
Batman: The Musical! is the story of good versus evil, right versus wrong, tenor versus bass. Unlike anything you’ve seen on stage before, you’ll be begging to have your enemies share in your dread.

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My Life: A New Musical: In the Key of Awesome

Curtin opens on an empty stage. In the corner is a TV and a poster of Garden State hanging lazily above it. The lights come up and a cat, Holden, runs across the stage stopping to claw at the couch (even though there is a perfectly good scratching post right next to it).

[cue music]

Door opens and a woman in her mid-twenties enters stage left. She drops her bag and goes into a power ballad to open the show:

Holden, I’m home!

What have you done all day, dear Holden?

Did you nap, did you clap, did hear a sound and tap?

Did you sleep, without a peep with all the pillows in a heap?

Dear, Holden.

There is a knock on the door. The music fades as the woman goes to answer it. Creepy neighbor is standing at the door with a bicycle. He mumbles something about wanting to hang out with him, his roommate and his girlfriend but insists it won’t be like a double date.


I don’t know what to tell you, Jacob.

I already said I was busy, Jacob.

Why don’t you take no for an answer, Jacob?


Woman shuts the door and continues to sing to her cat. Lights go out and we next see woman in a Galaxy Grey Civic.



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