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Not every book can be the next Twilight

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Mad Men Season 5: Predictions

Don Draper

Don will marry that french secretary whore so he will have someone to watch the kids but realize the reason he is sleeping with so many woman is because he can’t find fulfillment in it. That is until a new intern whipper snapper Charlie Dupont joins his firm. Is 1965 ready for a gay Don? Is America?

Peggy Olson

Peggy will come to grips with the fact it is a man’s world and instead of fighting it she will rejoice in it. Peggy will win first prize at a casserole cook-off in the offices of  Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Pete Campbell 

Pete will remember he is Angel’s son and doesn’t belong in the 60’s but rather in modern-day taking down the vampires that give his father a bad name.

Joan Harris

Joan’s husband is no dummy and realizes his baby is actually Rogers. However, this would hurt his pride tremendously so he says nothing. Joan continues to teach young women how to dress and make copies.

Betty Francis

Betty gets hit by a bus and dies.

Roger Sterling

Roger will continue to look less handsome next to Don and smoke like a fish. He will also coin the term “smoke like a fish”.


Here’s to a great season!!


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Dear MiO Energy,

If this is the best commercial you could come up with, what were the rejects?

“How about we have an olive brine itself in MiO Energy and become a super olive?”

“What if we have a car run out of gas and then get passed up by a guy who just drank MiO Energy? Cause with MiO Energy, you never run out of gas! That could be our catchphrase. Get it? Is it a little too on the nose?”

“I got it! Let’s have two handicapped kids race in their wheelchair, one drinks Gatorade the other MiO Energy. The kid with MiO Energy gets laid.”

“No, no, no- let’s have a cheetah in a bar complain to a rhino how gazelles are so much harder to kill because instead of drinking plain water they are drinking MiO Energy and have that gazelle mock the cheetah in the bar in front of his rhino friend and have the cheetah just sit back and take it.”

YES! If that won’t win us a Clio Award, nothing will! Look out Mad Men, we’re coming for ya!

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Meet The Hanks’

With scripted television struggling in the light of reality television nightmares, the Hanks family wanted to jump on board before being left behind like Wilson. So Tom and Colin pitched the idea to AMC who, with Mad Men on hiatus and Breaking Bad finishing another stellar season, needed to fill the lineup.

Coming this fall- what do you get when you pair an Oscar winner with a son who looks just like him and is making his own name in this wood we call Holly? Hijinks! Watch the boys fight about Splash versus The House Bunny, You’ve Got Mail versus Orange County. These crazy boys are so lovable but not every episode is candy canes and gum drops. After all, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the Hanks’ will say next. And you won’t want to miss the sweeps episode everyone will be talking about- Charades!

“Meet The Hanks’ is the only reality show with Tom and Colin Hanks on AMC on Sunday nights at 7:30″ says Entertainment Weekly.

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Mad (Wo)Man

 With Mad Men off the air for the better part of a year and a half, America has decided to remake AMC’s classic hit with a twist no one will see coming. In an alternate universe identical to this one with one key difference comes Mad (Wo)Man: the story of how a group of rule-breaking, chain smoking, arrogant women run the most successful ad agency in New York in the 1960’s. Not only is this a tale of how these successful woman rule advertising but the men who support them.

For any woman who’s ever said, “Jeepers, Mad Men is really good if only women weren’t treated so terribly” then this show is for you! If you’ve ever said, “You know what would be awesome? If the Powers That Be created a shot-for-shot remake of Mad Men but with women being the heroes instead of the objects” then this show is for you! If you’ve ever wondered if women can work in the fast paced world of the 1960’s when they have such distracting things on the brain such as childbearing and making dinner for their man, then you should probably just stick to the original. BUT if you’ve ever said to yourself, “There is no way a woman could do that job what with all that menstruating they do” then Mad (Wo)Man isn’t for you.

Mad (Wo)Man is the exact story of Man Men but different. Yet the same. Also, different. It’s complicated. Like Women. But Peggy and Joan are still total badasses.

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