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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

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I Can’t Believe It Either, But It’s Been A Year Or I Did It, How Do You Like Them Apples?

One year ago I thought it might be fun to start a blog where I wrote terrible ideas for books and movies and TV shows and really anything that popped into my head every single day for a year. Yes, I had just watched Julie and Julia and thought it is probably a heck of a lot easier to blog every day than to make every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook. And just like that a blog was born.

I thought at the time that this blog would be a way to escape, to run away from myself, to finally do something from start to finish. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d make it past a few weeks. Like much I do in life, I figured I’d get bored or second guess myself or flat out be too lazy to stick with it but for some odd reason I felt compelled to finish. After awhile I stopped thinking I was writing to run away from myself but realized I was writing to find myself. Yeah, I know how corny that sounds. It’s like this quote I love “One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish” wait that’s not the one it’s “with writing we get second chances”. That’s what this was for me- It was my second chance to do something for the first time: follow through. Now I know not every day was a readable entry but that wasn’t really the point now was it?

So thank you for sticking it out. Thank you for dropping by. Thank you for not posting incredibly disheartening comments forever condeming me to a life devoid of follow through and empty dreams. I’m not leaving this blog forever but I am leaving it for now. It served its purpose.

I’d love to be able to tell you that this was a stepping stone to that novel I have half written on my laptop or the play I have the ending written but nothing else. Truth is, I don’t know what’s next. I do know that there is something, somewhere that will also get finished. Maybe my play will finally get some rising action instead of just a killer finale. Maybe one of my Rejected Book Plots will get flushed out and become an Accepted Book Plot. Maybe I’ll start a new blog called Accepted Book Plots where every day I will tell you the plot of something that has already been published until the authors get mad and shut it down. Or maybe you’ll never see another word written by me again. Maybe you will.

I know this for certain: it has only just begun.


Thanks for the memories! Keep In Touch! Have a nice summer! It was so great having Bio with you! Stay Sweet! I’m the first one to sign in your crack!




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Prohibition Smohibition

I first started traveling through history to learn about other cultures and times and really remember just how much better I am than everyone else. I mean, I live in the time of jet packs and TIME TRAVEL!! It’s great that you built an airplane and all but get back to me when that plane flies through dimensions. So when my TTM (Time Traveling Machine) broke down in the 1920’s I thought it can’t be that bad. I could hang out in some jazz bars and go home with a few flappers until I could get my TTM fixed. Did you know there was a time where alcohol was outlawed?!?! What the what? Why would anyone want to ban booze?

Prohibition Smohibition is the story of one time traveling man who got stuck in history without his trusty friends Jack, Jose and Jimmy. Can he make it out alive? Will he learn a lesson before the stock market crashes?

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Meet P.R.O.V.E. (Predicting Robot Observing Various Emotions) the first emotion predicting robot in history. Some people think science is becoming too advanced for its own good. Some people think it hasn’t gone far enough. I say try P.R.O.V.E. and then we’ll talk.

Have you ever been so tired that you just can’t decide what to watch on TV but you know you want to watch something? The is exactly what P.R.O.V.E. was designed for! With a series of mathematic equations, P.R.O.V.E. will know the perfect thing to put on before you will. All you have to do is sit back and let P.R.O.V.E. pick the perfect entertainment selection for your various moods.

Have you ever hosted a party and just couldn’t find the right music to set the mood? With P.R.O.V.E. that will never happen again!

P.R.O.V.E. is the story of just how amazing it would be to have a robot that was able to deduce exactly what you needed to see/watch/hear when you are at your most indecisive. Never again would you be sucked into Cake Boss marathons because you just couldn’t decide which movie to put on. You may say evolving machines will backfire, I say bring on the future!

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The Biological Clock

If there was a way to be 100% sure you have met your soul mate, would you take it?

That is exactly what science is proposing to do. By 2020, it is estimated that 1/2 the population will have installed their Biological Clock. The Biological Clock is a scientific advancement that measures a person’s path to destiny and gives you the exact time it will take to meet your soul mate. Once the Biological Clock is installed all you have to do is wait for the timer to go off and sometime in the next 24 hours you will meet your soul mate. As soon as you lock eyes with the person you are meant to spend eternity with, the Biological Clock of both people will beep leaving you with the person you’ve been waiting your entire life to meet. It is that simple!

The Biological Clock is the story of one world where the guesswork is taken out of love and replaced with science. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world of absolute certainty? If you knew that in 255 days, 13 hours, 06 minutes, 51 seconds and 415 milliseconds you would meet your soul mate- how would you spend that time waiting?

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Time Of Death: In The Key of D

There will be a time in the future when humans will get to decide how they die. Science will become so advanced that the only option you will have left is the decision of the illness that you succumb to. Since I was a little girl I longed for the day that science was able to extend the list of fatal illnesses past the boring cancer and heart attack and move into the more jazzy of options. Each night I’d pray that there would be a way, some how, that my death could be from that crazy brain aneurysm from Scrubs that makes the woman believe her life is an honest to goodness musical. I would stay up late nights pretending my illness would be in four beats time. I studied day in and day out so I could be a doctor that discovered a way to make my musical death dreams come true.

Time Of Death: In The Key of D is the futuristic story about the woman who helped advance science beyond the boring AIDS and liver failure death and into a much more exciting, albeit pitchy, death by musical theatre. So with all these new advances in science, will brain aneurysm finally beat out dying in your sleep?

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The Human Mood Ring

After The Great Acid Rain of 2032, human beings were changed down to their DNA. Not only were third nipples and giant heads common but their mood was somehow reflected in their skin color. At first chaos was the new norm, people didn’t know why others were blue and then red and green and red again. The more they didn’t understand the redder they would get, causing a panic and ridiculously long wait times at the doctor. No one knew quite how to react until Charlie came along. At the tender age of nine, Charlie realized that it was emotions that were causing people to change colors just like he saw The Hulk change into a green monster when he got angry. Suddenly people everywhere understood everyone else. Turns out when you see someone who is blue, it’s a whole lot easier to be careful with their emotions and avoid the way too easy Smurf joke. And when someone is red, it is best to go to your room and let your dad calm down after seeing your less than stellar report card. Women were no longer the enigma men thought they were. Conversely, women finally would know how their man was feeling. Weirdly, it took a global disaster to bring the human race together. I guess that isn’t weird at all but what generally happens. Disaster tends to bring the best out of people, for a little while at least.

The Human Mood Ring is the story of how the world responds to being aware of everyone else’s emotions. Will the clarity of the situation eventually become annoying? How do you ignore your mother’s annoyance when it is literally on her face?

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Choose Your Own Life

In the future, the world’s population will be far more than what the planet can sustain. Nature had to take matters into its metaphorical hands. In this future world, you literally choose your own adventure when you reach the age of 25. On the morning of your 25th birthday there is a knock at your door and you must choose one of three options. As it stands today the three choices will lead to happiness, sadness or death. There is no escaping it, at birth everyone is fashioned with trackers. Despite anti-establishment movements to make life free-will again, the rebels have been unsuccessful thus far.

Much in the same vain of choose your own adventure books, once you reach 25, life gives you the chance to pick one of three options. From then on out, everything is predetermined… Or is it?

Choose Your Own Life is the tale of a colony of rebels who refuse to let life dictate how it is to be lived. Will they find a way around the Rule of 25 before their quarter of century is up?

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