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Merry Christmas from all of us here at Rejected Book Plots (that’s just me, but I thought it made me sound more important this way)! I’m enjoying this fine day in Santa Fe with my family having my first white Christmas ever. So needless to say, I’m cold.

Hope you all have a fantastic day and appreciate the greatness in the world. Also, that you got that stereo you were hoping for, Jacob.


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It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop…Fighting, Mom.

I’m on my way to Santa Fe with my mom, brother and step-dad to celebrate the season in the cold. So, I’ll be out of blogging commission- hope you have a wonderful holiday and next week I will be back to blogging like you’re sort of used to: half heartedly.


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Present Face

In honor of Christmas arriving this weekend, I thought it was only appropriate to help all of you prepare for the present face. Not sure what present face is? Well, you’re in luck! I attached a fantastic Garfunkel and Oates video that not only explains but prefects it! Watch here!

Good luck pretending the horrible sweater from your grandma is, in fact, not horrible.

Merry Christmas, internet.

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Frosty the Snowman Deals with the Recession by Getting a Job at McDonalds…It Does Not Go Well

It looks like the recession has affected more than just Joe Six Pack. Now our beloved childhood characters are forced to go out into the real world looking for work. It seems there isn’t a lot of need for snow men what with Global Warming and people’s busy schedules, jolly snow building has been the first thing to go. All the sudden, Frosty has to find a new way to feed his family, so after much thought and torment, Frosty takes a job at his local McDonalds. Only thing he didn’t plan on was how much normal jobs call for opposable thumbs. Hi-jinx ensue!

The first in a long line of children’s tales dealing with the impact of the recession Frosty the Snowman Deals with the Recession by Getting a Job at McDonalds…It Does Not Go Well shows kids that Christmas is about more than presents but also, a lot about presents. With singing too!

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An Open Letter To The Folks Fearing The Bank’s Demise And Wanting To Pull Out Their $263.58

Dear People Fearful Of The Banking System Collapsing,

Stop watching It’s A Wonderful Life. Banks are insured, your $263.58 is safe. Cool your jets, Slugger.


Your friendly neighborhood banker.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: A Cautionary Tale 

While it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, we haven’t hit that magical time of mistletoe and date rape just yet. Did I just say date rape? Yes, I did. While it may be charming to keep a woman in your house because it is “cold outside” that is simply not the way, gentleman. And ladies, if a fella wants to duet with you- maybe opt for Jingle Bells or a round of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Anything but Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I tell you this from experience, your mother WILL start to worry. Your father WILL be pacing the floor.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: A Cautionary Tale is the story of how one lady’s duet turned into years of therapy and a life long fear of the cold set in the magical world of Disney Animation. See complicated relationships you thought only Pixar could pull off with the annoyance of a Disney moral. This is one story (in)appropriate for the entire family!

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The Santa Clause 4: The Sell Out Clause

Just when you thought Santa couldn’t get any wackier, he doesn’t.

Just when you thought Santa couldn’t have any more clauses to keep his job, he doesn’t.

Just when you thought Santa couldn’t get any fatter, he does.

The Santa Clause 4: The Sell Out Clause is the movie only I am excited for. I love The Santa Clause and who is better than Tim Allen? Oh, real Santa? My bad. Expect holiday hijinks only Hollywood could produce. Sure, it’s no Jingle All The Way but it is The Santa Clause and it’s been like five years since we’ve seen him so it’s about time. Get so excited! Eeek!

Coming in December of 2013.


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