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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

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Choose Your Own Life

In the future, the world’s population will be far more than what the planet can sustain. Nature had to take matters into its metaphorical hands. In this future world, you literally choose your own adventure when you reach the age of 25. On the morning of your 25th birthday there is a knock at your door and you must choose one of three options. As it stands today the three choices will lead to happiness, sadness or death. There is no escaping it, at birth everyone is fashioned with trackers. Despite anti-establishment movements to make life free-will again, the rebels have been unsuccessful thus far.

Much in the same vain of choose your own adventure books, once you reach 25, life gives you the chance to pick one of three options. From then on out, everything is predetermined… Or is it?

Choose Your Own Life is the tale of a colony of rebels who refuse to let life dictate how it is to be lived. Will they find a way around the Rule of 25 before their quarter of century is up?


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Attack of the killer boredom

Pete loved being busy. In fact, his mother would always say he’d never been fat because he never stops moving. He would always invent new games to keep him entertained. On his way home from school he would see if he could get home in less than two hundred points. This is how the points break down:

Each step is 1 point.

Every dog spotted is 5 points.

A red car is 3 points.

A white car subtracts 1 point.

If you see a mailman you add ten points.

If you step on a bug you subtract 2 points.

If you step on a crack you add 2 points.

If you forget to look both ways before crossing the street you add 50 points (his mom made him add this one)

So needless to say, sitting still was not on his list of things to do. Then Pete got mono. The next fews weeks would prove to be the most lame and yet creativity satisfying of Pete’s young life. Join Pete as he writes the best choose your own adventure book anyone will ever read! To see Pete chase his dreams go to page 41. To see Pete whine about being sick and stuck inside go to page 2. To see Pete befriend a dragon go to your local video store and rent Pete’s Dragon (you won’t regret it).

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