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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

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The Game of After LIFE

Never has the afterlife been so much fun! Take turns navigating your way through purgatory, picking up dead family members along the way. Will grandpa be an asset on your journey to the white light or will his constant need for a bathroom break slow you down?

Start at Heaven or Hell- the choice is yours! Just like in the game of LIFE you’ll go through collecting money and experiences that will guide you on your journey to forever.

Fun for the entire family, you won’t be able to wait until you die in a fiery crash or from a long battle with cancer. Earn extra points in the After LIFE from standing by a dying family member’s side. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you won’t want it to end.


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Emotional Chicken: The Board Game

Classic board games being turned into live action movies is all the rage these days. So it comes as no surprise that the game every man and women play together is getting its shot at the big picture show.

Emotional Chicken: The Board Game is the classic game of boy meets girl, boy befriends girl, boy falls for girl, boy is so afraid to make a move that he enters an emotional stalemate where neither boy nor girl will admit their feelings but instead ignore the giant elephant in the room and talk about everything under the sun except the one thing they are most afraid to know the answer to: do you like me? A question so simple, an answer so complex. Who will be the first to make a move and lose the upper hand but possibly win the whole game? With stakes this high, will either player grow a pair and risk it all or will both players continue to run straight at each other instead of into each other’s arms?

Can two people pretending not to be more than friends ever get out of the friend zone of the board?

Starring two extremely good looking people who would never play Emotional Chicken in real life because there is no way anyone would ever turn down the ridiculously good looking guy and/or girl but they sure do pretend so you can pretend to relate to the unrelatable. Coming to a theatre near you!

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