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The Paulie Bleeker Story

Paulie has always loved Juno and after years of pining for her, he got his magical chair ride. Only problem is, that minute of passion created an entirely different problem of its own- life. So while Juno was out finding adoptive parents and having inappropriate friendships what was Bleeker supposed to do? You’re about to find out.

With the announcement of Arrested Development returning to Netflix with new episodes and the ever growing popularity of Michael Cera the story you didn’t know you were missing is finally coming to theatre near you. The Paulie Bleeker Story is the companion story to Juno’s hijixs. Go for a run with Paulie, see how uncomfortable Paulie’s prom date- queen of the soup- is. What will Paulie do with a zillion Tic Tacs? How many guitar lessons does it take in order to play Anyone Else But You? Will Bleeker ever get a real chance with Juno? (Of course he will, Juno came out in 2007 we all know how it ends) ((he’s the cheese to her macaroni)) But who wouldn’t want to sit through 78 minutes of adorkableness?


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Internet! Unite! Together! Everyone! Right! This! Wrong! Save! Community! Sure! This! Seems! Early! To! Be! Lobbying! For! Such! A! Cause! Just! Because! NBC! Pulled! Community! From! Its! Mid-Season! Schedule! Doesn’t! Mean! It! Is! Canceled! It! Also! Doesn’t! Mean! It! Isn’t! After! All! The! Monkeys! Running! The! Studio! Are! Keeping! Whitney! On! The! Air! And! Do! We! Really! Want! To! Live! In! A! World! Where! Whitney! Exists! And! Community! Doesn’t?

So write your Congressman. Tell your neighbors. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife until Community gets an air date. We can’t let Community be this decade’s Arrested Development. Let’s save this genius show before it is too late and years from now some hipster kid will be singing “Troy and Abed in the morn-ing” only to realize he was too young to realize its brilliance before it was too late.


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There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s Arrested Development…again!

The Bluth’s are back! Just when Michael thought he and George Michael would be rid of their family forever word came through that the movie was greenlit! After years of false reports of the series being resurrected it finally seems as if the network studios have taken one too many Forget Me Nows and have decided an Arrested Development movie was finally ready for the world to see. But how could the boys come back knowing what they know now? There was only one way- for a really big paycheck. After the first banana stand burnt to the ground in an unprecedented act of rebellion, George Sr. decided to rebuild the next banana stand on wheels. Only thing he didn’t count on was GOB taking the banana stand out for a joy ride. Now with the Bluth’s in a pinch for cash it was up to Michael to hunt down GOB before it was too late. Can you imagine?

There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand is exactly what you’d want to see in an Arrested Development movie and nothing you don’t. Plus there is a special cameo by the shark who ate Buster’s hand!

HILARIOUS says everyone.


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GOB: Life After Arrested Development

Now that our family has been cleared of its name, Franklin and I can go back to magicing full-time. GOB came to the Bluth family rescue when everyone thought it would be Michael to save us all. Did Michael join the Army? He’s too big of a chicken. Aren’t you, Michael?Looks like all the Bluth’s needed was a little *magic* (dead dove falls out of sleeve) Another one?!? (cue lighter fluid spraying from collar) Still mad me, Michael?

Join GOB as he starts a competing alliance to “Magicians’ Alliance” called “THE Magicians’ Alliance” to try and earn the respect of the magician community back. With the help of Steve Holt can GOB became a respectable magician for once in his life or will the audience be begging for a Forget-Me-Now pill? If history has taught us anything it is that critics will love his act but it just won’t connect with a large enough audience until long after the show ends. There will always be talk of a reunion act but it will, much to the chagrin of the now cult followers, never come to fruition.


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