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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

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Prohibition Smohibition

I first started traveling through history to learn about other cultures and times and really remember just how much better I am than everyone else. I mean, I live in the time of jet packs and TIME TRAVEL!! It’s great that you built an airplane and all but get back to me when that plane flies through dimensions. So when my TTM (Time Traveling Machine) broke down in the 1920’s I thought it can’t be that bad. I could hang out in some jazz bars and go home with a few flappers until I could get my TTM fixed. Did you know there was a time where alcohol was outlawed?!?! What the what? Why would anyone want to ban booze?

Prohibition Smohibition is the story of one time traveling man who got stuck in history without his trusty friends Jack, Jose and Jimmy. Can he make it out alive? Will he learn a lesson before the stock market crashes?


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