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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Shins Decide On A Band Name

Alright guys, thank you for coming tonight. Now as you know I’m leaving Flake Music and want you guys to join my superhero band…Did I superhero? We can get to that later. In the meantime we need a kick ass band name that will make Flake Music sound like something that happens when you shake the cereal box around. So just throw some names at me.

The Chocolatiers! 

We’re from New Mexico, think something that will resonate with everyone.

Banana Peels Aren’t Really That Slippery!

Okay, I like where your head is at but maybe something a little shorter.

A Little Shorter!

Very funny, Jesse. But let’s get real. What is something that everyone has?

Faces! Arms! Feelings!

That’s it! The Shins. Case closed.


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