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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Mad Men Season 5: Predictions

Don Draper

Don will marry that french secretary whore so he will have someone to watch the kids but realize the reason he is sleeping with so many woman is because he can’t find fulfillment in it. That is until a new intern whipper snapper Charlie Dupont joins his firm. Is 1965 ready for a gay Don? Is America?

Peggy Olson

Peggy will come to grips with the fact it is a man’s world and instead of fighting it she will rejoice in it. Peggy will win first prize at a casserole cook-off in the offices of  Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Pete Campbell 

Pete will remember he is Angel’s son and doesn’t belong in the 60’s but rather in modern-day taking down the vampires that give his father a bad name.

Joan Harris

Joan’s husband is no dummy and realizes his baby is actually Rogers. However, this would hurt his pride tremendously so he says nothing. Joan continues to teach young women how to dress and make copies.

Betty Francis

Betty gets hit by a bus and dies.

Roger Sterling

Roger will continue to look less handsome next to Don and smoke like a fish. He will also coin the term “smoke like a fish”.


Here’s to a great season!!


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