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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Paulie Bleeker Story

Paulie has always loved Juno and after years of pining for her, he got his magical chair ride. Only problem is, that minute of passion created an entirely different problem of its own- life. So while Juno was out finding adoptive parents and having inappropriate friendships what was Bleeker supposed to do? You’re about to find out.

With the announcement of Arrested Development returning to Netflix with new episodes and the ever growing popularity of Michael Cera the story you didn’t know you were missing is finally coming to theatre near you. The Paulie Bleeker Story is the companion story to Juno’s hijixs. Go for a run with Paulie, see how uncomfortable Paulie’s prom date- queen of the soup- is. What will Paulie do with a zillion Tic Tacs? How many guitar lessons does it take in order to play Anyone Else But You? Will Bleeker ever get a real chance with Juno? (Of course he will, Juno came out in 2007 we all know how it ends) ((he’s the cheese to her macaroni)) But who wouldn’t want to sit through 78 minutes of adorkableness?


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