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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Human Mood Ring

After The Great Acid Rain of 2032, human beings were changed down to their DNA. Not only were third nipples and giant heads common but their mood was somehow reflected in their skin color. At first chaos was the new norm, people didn’t know why others were blue and then red and green and red again. The more they didn’t understand the redder they would get, causing a panic and ridiculously long wait times at the doctor. No one knew quite how to react until Charlie came along. At the tender age of nine, Charlie realized that it was emotions that were causing people to change colors just like he saw The Hulk change into a green monster when he got angry. Suddenly people everywhere understood everyone else. Turns out when you see someone who is blue, it’s a whole lot easier to be careful with their emotions and avoid the way too easy Smurf joke. And when someone is red, it is best to go to your room and let your dad calm down after seeing your less than stellar report card. Women were no longer the enigma men thought they were. Conversely, women finally would know how their man was feeling. Weirdly, it took a global disaster to bring the human race together. I guess that isn’t weird at all but what generally happens. Disaster tends to bring the best out of people, for a little while at least.

The Human Mood Ring is the story of how the world responds to being aware of everyone else’s emotions. Will the clarity of the situation eventually become annoying? How do you ignore your mother’s annoyance when it is literally on her face?


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