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Not every book can be the next Twilight

Females: The Original Werewolves

Recently discovered in the depths of the ancient forrest comes the origin story of werewolves. You see, werewolves were man’s way of explaining the phenomenon of ladies and their once a month “friend”. Think about it: once a month there is a full moon and these normal every other time of the month people turn into something unrecognizable, out for blood, striking fear into the hearts of men. The only solution is to lock up these werewolves and wait for nature to run its course. And when the moon sets to a rising sun and the wolves slowly go back to a rational person, all is forgotten for the next 28-31 days. And just like that, a legend was born.

Females: The Original Werewolves is the story of ten, some say brave everyone else says incredibly stupid, men who got together and created a folk lore to pass onto their sons to help explain why their girlfriends and wives will turn into scary creatures once a month and the best ways to avoid certain death. It is really quite amazing it has taken modern society this long to make a connection between the two.

Also found in the depths of the ancient forrest is the story of how vampires came about but that is a much grosser tale for a much different time…


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