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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

George the Geico Gecko

 George wasn’t always the confident, tea drinking, famous gecko he is today. After high school, George moved to L.A. looking for his big break only thing was there weren’t any serious parts for a gecko. Sure, he landed the occasional gig as a lizard that would make women scream, which offended him but a paycheck was a paycheck. Once he thought he hit the mother-load but it turns out Stuart Little is about a mouse not a gecko. Just when he was about to pack it up and head back to England the good people at Geico called.

How will George deal with his new found fame? Will the mounds of cocaine ruin a good gecko or just make him a bigger party person? George the Geico Gecko is the story of one man, er, gecko who rose to fame and how fame almost killed him. Also, it’ll help you save a bunch of money on your car insurance.


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