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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Forever College

 Jordan Pierce was a strong believer in the fact that the reason society has a system is to find a way to break it. He never spent money on groceries (Fun fact! If you are an avid coupon cutter you can actually get your groceries for free if you know how to work the system, Mr. Pierce knows how to work the system). But perhaps Jordan’s crown achievement was the fact he was a 57th-year senior. A long time ago Jordan realized the way to never pay back a student loan was to never stop going to college. Now the oldest man to ever be enrolled in Freshman Biology, Mr. Pierce had made a name for himself. The Supreme Court was not impressed. They went to work to put the Pierce Policy into effect banning the number of degrees a man can achieve while putting off paying student loans. Let the revolution on ageism begin!

Forever College is the story of one man who challenged the system and how the system challenged him back. Will The Pierce Policy take effect? Or will the Pierce Policy spawn a new generation of overly educated elderly with millions of dollars in student loans?



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