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Jurassic Park 4: Everything Is Cool Now, I Swearzies

Years after disaster struck and Jurassic Park became a warning for all those who said once animals became extinct nature doesn’t want them to come back, the crazy scientists are at it again! Only this time, they finally figured out how humans and dinosaurs can live together in harmony for the low, low cost of $1,500 a ticket.

If you’re expecting heart pounding adventure, you best be looking to the three films before this one because gurl, things run super smoothly in the New New Jurassic Park. No longer will you fear for your life that a T-Rex will chomp his way through a fence or that Newman will be selling dinosaur DNA to the highest bidder. Oh, no! This movie will take you through the screening process each scientist has to pass before being allowed to work in this ground breaking park.

Jurassic Park 4: Everything Is Cool Now, I Swearzies is just a story of how history doesn’t always have to repeat itself and with careful procedures in place one team of scientists can bring back time’s most majestic creature: the dinosaur. If you like dinosaurs and you like knowing that nothing is going to go wrong- THIS IS THE STORY FOR YOU!


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