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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Mr. Hope: The Anxiety Filled Hippo

With a name like Mr. Hope, you’d think Jack’s life is all but written for him- you’d be wrong. Turns out with a name like Mr. Hope, the world expects itself from you. With the world on his shoulders, Jack felt as if he could never live up to the expectations a young purple hippo had these days. Back in his father’s day, hippos weren’t revered as hungry hungry or even hungry but all that changed and with it came a whole new expectation. Jack was the last of his kind, with the forward thinking the 21st century brought forth, hippos started to come in all shapes and colors. Slowly purple hippos were becoming a thing of the past like beepers and holding the door for a lady.

Can Mr. Hope overcome the expectations society has for him and in turn shine? Or will Jack be reduced to a giant ball of anxiety when the pressure becomes too much and all he wants to do is run from the room screaming and never come back again?

Mr. Hope: The Anxiety Filled Hippo is a children’s tale about one hippo who overcame adversary to be the best sales man in his market. There is also a good lesson about eating your vegetables so make sure, parents, you buy it for the little rugrats if you want a lesson in healthy eating and the wonders of crippling anxiety to today’s society. This book is just like Happy Feet only totally different and with a less obvious moral.


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