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Not every book can be the next Twilight

Let’s Go To The Mall: Black Friday Edition

It may only be September but Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate then going to the mall! Robin Sparkles has been down on her luck since the average pop star age dropped to 11. Robin got used to the rock and roll lifestyle that being a Canadian Pop Star affords you, only thing she didn’t count on was how expensive hockey gear can be. Needless to say work is hard to come by for a 30 year old Canadian Super Star so when Mall of America called, she had to answer. Will Robin Sparkles leave a sparkle in your eye when she busts out the jean jacket and disobeys her father by rocking out while spending money and helping the economy by purchasing things that no one needs but she sings about it so you think you need it?
Join Robin Sparkles as she tours America’s malls singing the songs that made her famous to no one in the states. What about the robot? Well, we couldn’t forget him! Charlie is co-headlining the tour with Robin Sparkles and the New New Kids On The Block.
This Christmas don’t miss out on the tour no one ever thought they’d want to see.


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