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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Time’s Up

Everything in life comes equipped with a clock. A clock that counts down to the end of your life. Nothing can slow the clock. Nothing can speed up the clock. The clock is preset and when it goes off that’s it- the clock moves onto another person. Well, that’s how the clock used to work…

Johnny Bishop is the first man in history to figure out how to live without the clock. People since the beginning of time have tried to find a way to live without it. Finally, the mystery has been cracked but not everyone wants to see the secret to eternal life on the open market. The Time Keepers have been responsible with guarding the secret and now have to get it back before it’s too late (they are Time Keepers, technically they can never be too late but Science Fiction has no place for technicalities). However, everyone whose clock is still ticking is dying (pun intended) to get theirs to stop. Now, the world is after Johnny.

Time’s Up is a thrilling tale of one man who unlocked the secret to life but just might not live long enough to share it.


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