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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Robots Need Love Too

 A robot’s life is a solitary one. After robots gained too much artificial intelligence and took over the world for a brief period in the 60’s (2160’s that is) nothing has ever been the same. Once the humans took control back, robots were all but banished to live as second class citizens. They were used as slaves of all varieties: homework, cleaning, even chauffeurs. Only problem is once robots gained artificial intelligence they were able to feel. Much like cylons, they didn’t quite realize they weren’t alive and never grasped the concept of why they couldn’t love whom they wanted even with all the videos of history repeating in their hard drives. Although the robot revolution was generations ago, children of the New Beginning kept discrimination alive and well.

Then one day everything changed. The President’s daughter fell for a robot on their staff and insisted her father change the laws of robot-human rights or risk loosing her forever. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!?,

Robots Need Love Too is the love story no one thought they’d see coming and didn’t know they needed to see until it was too late. Part thriller, part comedy, all love story this is one tale you can’t believe won’t be real long after we’re all dead.


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