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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

No Sleep For You! Tales From The Soup Nazi’s Brother: Sleep Nazi

Donald had always lived in his short tempered brother’s shadow. Not only could he make a killer soup that New Yorkers waited in line for but he also possessed the ability to deny them service. Growing up it was always, why can’t you be more like your brother the Soup Nazi? Your brother the Soup Nazi wouldn’t let his credit card company charge him that high of interest without at least looking at his options! One day Donald snapped, he decided that in order to get his mom off his back he had to go out on his own. Taking a cue from his brother, Donald wanted to use what he was good at. Only thing is, Donald didn’t have any skills like making soup or sewing or drawing tattoos but there was one thing that he was good at: keeping others awake. And so on a stormy night in September the Sleep Nazi was born. Just when you think you are catching the train to Sleepville here comes Sleep Nazi! As your consciousness begins to leave your body the Sleep Nazi pulls you back in!

No Sleep For You! Tales From The Soup Nazi’s Brother: Sleep Nazi is the story of how one brother was sick of living in a shadow so carved out his own future. Also, it is way easy to use his brother’s catch phrase by changing one word thus keeping it memorable and cashing in on the work his brother has spent decades perfecting. I mean if he had to always be compared to the Soup Nazi, Donald may as well get something out of it like a catchphrase or something: No sleep for you! The Sleep Nazi is so good at keeping you from dream land that you’ll be begging for his nicer brother the Soup Nazi.


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