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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Entourage: The Final Finality Until The Inevitable Movie: Turtle Edition

If a Turtle becomes a millionaire and has no one to follow around, does he still really like shoes?

If a Turtle loses a lot of weight and no longer has to listen to the worst theme song ever, will he get to keep his Weed Card?

Now that the lights have dimmed and the tears have dried for Vinny Chase and the boys it is time to check back in with the weirdly successful Turtle. With his new found millions and rocking body back in the city that never sleeps, what will Turtle do to fill his time? It should come as no surprise that Turtle goes into business for himself as a restaurant/shoe store/yogurt shop owner and he can’t believe it fails. How could people not want to buy pasta, sneakers and froyo in the same place?!? Even with Vince’s help, the business fails before the end of the year. So, after E has his baby with Sloan, Turtle, out of options, becomes the live-in nanny for the couple. Believe you me HIJINKS ENSUE!

If a Turtle raises a fictional baby and keeps wearing a Yankees hat, will he ever been seen as a more substantial member of the Entourage?

Next month, E! Online will do another follow-up to the fictional boys seeing how Ari deals with having the career opportunity of a lifetime handed to him and having to decide which is more important- family or success? (Career- DUH!)



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