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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Back to the Nintendo

He was never in time for his classes…

He was never in time for his dinner…

Then one day… he wasn’t in his time at all.

In the future, before you can be allowed to time travel you have to prove you are responsible and won’t cause ripples in the time-space continuum. Jake had always dreamt of hopping in a DeLorean and seeing whether or not hover-boards can ever work on water without power. He knew he would have to pass the greatest test of all: beating the ancient video game Back to the Future Part II and III on some system called Nintendo. No one had played a video game with their hands in three decades so this test seemed not only outdated but unnecessary.

Not wanting to fail, Jake stole his own time machine to go back to 1990 to get his hands on this so called Nintendo so he could practice. Will Jake get stuck in the past? When he gets to 1990, will Jake have a spare pair of acid-washed jeans or will those have hopefully been outlawed in the future? When he parks his DeLorean on the side of the road and it gets recognized from the movies, will Jake forget the rules of time travel and get in the newspaper as a human interest story only to have that be the thing that gets him caught in his present?

Back to the Nintendo is the story of how Back to the Future can really be a real thing.


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