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Free Coffee Town

 Welcome to Free Coffee Town, where as the name suggests: The coffee is free! We are open to all residents, even the ones who prefer decaf. Our town elections are coming up and with the population growing like fair-trade coffee beans, I figured I better introduce myself. My name is John Starbucks, although I like to think of myself as more of a Pete’s coffee kind of guy in my political views. As mayor, I would make sure to live up to what has put our name on the map- keeping the coffee free! I know Charles Folgers has painted me as a puppet for the man but I’m so much more for than that. As you can see from my previous voting records, I voted for iced coffee summers! Right winged conservatives would never vote for iced coffee. All I’m saying is that I’m open to all types of coffee at the low, low price of zilch. Zero. Nada. Nothing. FREE! Don’t let the words of one sub-par coffee “enthusiast” soil my good name. I am the right person to run this town.

Voting day is November 2nd so please make sure to register and vote for me…and only me!

Free Coffee Town is the story of one town and their quest to elect the perfect person to keep their town running on caffeine. Will the politics of Washington keep them down? Part W. and part Bulworth this tale will leave you believing in the political system for the first time since the Clinton administration.


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