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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Buddy Holly, I Love You

In the not so distant future, in a land much like your own, a young woman spends her days in the lab trying to invent a cost-efficient form of time travel. Time travel has, of course, been around for decades but only the unbelievably wealthy have been able to afford its luxury. So each day she comes in the lab, puts on her favorite Buddy Holly record and works tirelessly until the day is through and comes back the next day to do it all again. It has been six years that she has devoted to this project with little success. The only thing she takes comfort in is Rave On. In fact, she has played it so many times once a month she has to buy a new record of it. As she works, she lets the words of Buddy’s music wash over her and keep her motivated and hopeful for a future where she can be loved. She starts to imagine what it would have been like to live in the era of Buddy Holly. She has become certain she could make him forget all about that pesky Peggy Sue. It then hits her: if she perfects time travel she can be with Buddy, save him from getting on the plane and there will never be a day the music dies.

Buddy Holly, I Love You is a story of just how far one scientist will go to find true love. Can she stop Buddy from getting on the fateful plane? Will the effects of this one action alter history forever? If we learned anything from The Time Traveler’s Wife it is that no matter how much you can like Rachel McAdams, she still can’t save a movie who’s adaptation is subpar. If we have learned two things it is that drinking before that movie makes the complicated and unrealistic story line even harder to comprehend.


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