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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight


**Before I dive into what I am sure will be another in a long list of gems you find on this site, can was talk about how this is day 150?!? 150 days of blogs! Only 215 until I reach my goal of one straight year of daily posts. SO much has happened in the last 150 days yet it seems like only yesterday I set up this site to amuse myself. Now I have a handful of faithful readers I feel responsible to amuse or at the very least help to crack a smile or make wonder how I ever passed an English course with my love for run-on sentences (Hint: I use them for comedic effect, I’m well aware of its grammatical incorrectness). Now that you have let the impressiveness of the situation wash over you, I will rant about my basketball love and loss… again.***

Dear NBA,

The regular season for basketball is rapidly approaching yet no deal is being reached. While this is beyond tragic (if football can reach an agreement, surely (don’t call me Shirley!) the more high brow of the sports can settle.) however, this is not my beef. Here’s the thing: I want to marry Goran Dragic. There, I said it! I was in the perfect position too, he was going to replace Nash in a few years, he had that amazing game against the Spurs where he saved the game and scored like 27 points in about 10 minutes! He didn’t know I existed but my whole family and friends agreed to buy into my delusions which is good enough reason to continue with the dream. Look how adorable he is when he concentrates! He is like the John Mayer of basketball (have you ever seen John Mayer’s face when he sings? It is comical!). Not only can he ball but he looks really young, which I think totally works for him. THEN you went and traded him. No notice. I thought I was in the clear and then it was all Houston, we have a problem (Dragic got traded to Houston) and he was gone. How will I ever marry him now? If my options are marry Goran and live in Texas or don’t marry Goran, I literally don’t know what to do. Yeah, you’re probably asking- this was six months ago she can’t possibly still be upset. Yes, yes I can. Also, I heard I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You and this blog idea popped into my head so here we are. Sure, I could have come up with something funny or smart or even a little witty for post #150 but then I thought- why start now? BAH DUH DA!

I miss you and basketball. Please come back. Both of you. Other sports bore me. Don’t leave me alone with football. Turns out it is nothing like Friday Night Lights!! Dragic, if I lived till I was 102, I just don’t think I’d ever get over you…being traded.

Love from afar (like two states over),



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