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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Overpopulation, Under-Organ Growth

The future is a bleak place, humans figured out how to live longer therefore disrupting the natural order of the universe and overpopulation became a serious problem. The thing history books never taught you (likely, because they didn’t know) was that the universe only creates so many souls, hearts, livers, intestines and so 0n. It really is the epitome of recycling and a beautiful thing in nature, except when people won’t die to give up their hold on their organs- then it become chaos. That is when The Man comes in, for the right price these guys will steal the organs you need.

When Marco’s girlfriend breaks up with him he contacts The Man to get his girlfriend a heart so she can love him back. He does everything he can to procure the funds for The Man before time runs out. Will Marco’s shady uncle lend him the money? Will the price be too much? Why is Jude Law in this flick? It really feels like more of a Vin Diesel type of gig…

Overpopulation, Under-Organ Growth is a high risk, high reward thriller with Jude Law and Dwayne “The Tooth-fairy Rock” Johnson. A tale that will have you on the edge of your seat fearing for your own organ’s safety. A blink and you miss it action-packed story. This movie will be worse than Repo Man and if Rotten Tomatoes has anything to say about it, that’s really hard to do.


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