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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

I Hope That Something Better Comes Along

Quinn has a bad case of the Goldilocks, she was always searching for the thing that was “just right”. She went through six different sweaters before choosing the right one to wear to school this morning. She only eats organic, washes her hands no less than 17 times a day, she’s been banned from every car wash in town because she is so picky no one wants to touch her car with a fifty-foot pole. Quinn knew what she wanted and settling wasn’t it.

Andrew has a bad case of superhero syndrome. He loved a damsel in distress and always wanted to be the one to rescue the girl. He was 15 before he stopped wearing his cape in public. He wanted so badly to save the girl that he never learned how to talk to them only wait in the shadows for something to happen that he could aid in rescuing. (He has six restraining orders but his motto is it only takes one girl to save to be a hero)((It’s a numbers game))

One night while Quinn was hunting down the perfect frozen yogurt, she dropped her phone. Andrew happened to be waiting in the shadows- finally the perfect opportunity to help the girl had presented itself.

What happens when a girl who is never satisfied meets a guy who is constantly trying to save her come together?

Turn to page 52 if you want to see Quinn fall for Andrew.     Turn to page 102 if you want to see Andrew fall from a building trying to save her bird who climbed on the roof only to have Quinn realize he will never be just right so breaks up with him.       Turn to another book if you want to read something worth while.


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