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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

King of the World

“Never let go, Jack.”

But he did. We all saw him let go. We all let go… of our tears and emotions that day and our hearts became engulfed in the icy waters below as Jack sunk further into them. Only, Jack Dawson didn’t let go in his heart, which will go on. When Jack sunk into the ocean he got caught in a current that took him into the Arctic and he became an iceberg of his own.

Now, over a 100 years later, scientists have discovered this iceberg and with the magic of technology and Netflix (Encino Man is the go-to research for men being trapped in ice and thawed out and then readjusting to a new society, of course) they try to acclimate Jack into this new world of sinkable ships and 110 year old Rose. How will Jack manage in 2011 society?

Will Jack still feel like King of the World when he learns how much bigger and more efficient cars are to have relations in? How will Jack react to his drawings ending up on Facebook? Will Jack find My Heart Will Go On as annoying as the rest of society? King of the World is a tale of one man who didn’t get nominated for an Oscar and was a real dick about it and then got trapped in an iceberg much like Walt Disney and when he thawed realized his love was dead and he no longer had any relevant skills in today’s society. However, he’s still as dreamy as ever!


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