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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Hello, Sunshine

 Ever wonder what happened to Seth and Summer after that flash forward when they got married but only after Summer was able to go off and help GEORGE and Seth let her go to find herself? No?!? Well, think about for a moment, I’ll wait…

How about now?!? Are you dying to find out what happened to TV’s quippiest couple? EXCELLENT!

Hello, Sunshine picks up a year into the marriage of Seth and Summer. And you know what? They are happy! They are still quippy! They invite Ryan over for video games and anime, okay Seth does and Summer hangs with Taylor (who is slightly more likable) ((As if that could happen, ’cause at the end of The O.C. (moment of silence, please) she was far more adorable than annoying)). But what happens when Seth wants to write another installment of their near hit comic Atomic County? Will old feelings be brought to the surface? Will Zack make a cameo? Can Summer still rock those leather boots? Will those zany kids make it, even though their TV show didn’t just shy of enough episodes for syndication? Will I have to comfort Seth Cohen and his hipster nerd tendencies?!? So many questions, only 44 minutes to answer them!

Welcome to Hello, Sunshine…bitch.



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