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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Robot Parade

In the future, children will work together to build a giant cyborg. Then that cyborg will build other cyborgs and soon children will rule the world. What can we expect from this child ran world? Well, what can’t you expect? The cyborgs will create a device that turns rain into Trix (’cause it’s for kids). The Wiggles will be named President (’cause, duh!). Homework and chores will always be done, not by the children of course but parents will no longer have to spend their time nagging their new leaders to make sure beds are made. The future is more elementary (ha! word play ’cause kids be in elementary school!). Once a month the children and robots take to the streets to have a giant parade. That is until the lightning storm of 2142. A parade which will live in infamy, a lot of good robots short circuited that day.

Robot Parade is the tale of how children rose to power, created artificial life and lost it all to a freak accident. Will children rise again? Will parents ground their children to keep them from world domination? WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD?!?


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