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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Free Willy 4: Euthanasia Edition

 Join Jesse as he goes on a journey of never before seen animal euthanasia proportions. As a child, Willy was Jesse’s best friend who, along with a harmonica, went through everything a young boy being adopted who befriends a whale can go through. They went through a car wash, a zoo chase, a jump over rocks to become free, truly everything they could together. So when Willy contracted an incurable whale disease he looked to his oldest human friend for help in ending his life. Jesse was caught in the middle.

Will Jesse help his whale friend despite legislation deeming animal euthanasia illegal? He had always done whatever was necessary to help Willy but was this asking too much? What will he do?!?

Free Willy 4: Euthanasia Edition is a heartwarming tale of just how close one man and whale can be without it being weird or anything through the eyes of his son Willy who had always somewhat resented the relationship his father had with the whale and not him. Also, explaining you were named after a whale your father stole and released into the wild doesn’t get you as many chicks as you may think.

Coming Spring 2012



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