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Not every book can be the next Twilight

An Open Letter To Joey Potter Season One: Be Less Rude

Dear Jo,

I know you’re full of teenage angst (who isn’t?) but why must you be so effing rude? Jen has done nothing but try and befriend you the last ten episodes and you’ve done nothing more than call her a sphincter and shoot her dirty looks. I know you don’t know this now, but she’s gonna die young- give her a break. Also, stop pining for Dawson, he needs a haircut and his eyebrows are huge! I know the film geek thing seems charming and he is your boy next door, well across the creek, but he is not for you. He doesn’t have the confidence you deserve nor does he challenge you in the way others do. Speaking of others, next season you’re gonna meet a guy named Jack. Do not break Dawson’s heart for Jack- trust me: you’re not his type. Wait for the right guy to come along (Seasons 3 and 4) the right guy for you is Pacey. Just believe me on this, Joey. Until the day comes along when you realize this for yourself, do me a solid- be less rude! It isn’t an adorable quality, you’re only going to have this role to separate you from the crazy antics that happen after you leave the creek so be the best Joey you can be ’cause you won’t always be the best Katie Holmes you can be.

Much love,

Everyone but my little cousin who wrongly believes she belongs with Dawson. (I know, right?!?!)


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