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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

GOB: Life After Arrested Development

Now that our family has been cleared of its name, Franklin and I can go back to magicing full-time. GOB came to the Bluth family rescue when everyone thought it would be Michael to save us all. Did Michael join the Army? He’s too big of a chicken. Aren’t you, Michael?Looks like all the Bluth’s needed was a little *magic* (dead dove falls out of sleeve) Another one?!? (cue lighter fluid spraying from collar) Still mad me, Michael?

Join GOB as he starts a competing alliance to “Magicians’ Alliance” called “THE Magicians’ Alliance” to try and earn the respect of the magician community back. With the help of Steve Holt can GOB became a respectable magician for once in his life or will the audience be begging for a Forget-Me-Now pill? If history has taught us anything it is that critics will love his act but it just won’t connect with a large enough audience until long after the show ends. There will always be talk of a reunion act but it will, much to the chagrin of the now cult followers, never come to fruition.



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