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Not every book can be the next Twilight

Cocoon 3: Dirty Dancing Edition

First there was Cocoon, then there was Cocoon The Return now just 23 short years later from the Studio that brought you none of the original films comes Cocoon 3: Dirty Dancing Edition. 

After the summer resort at the Kellerman estate in the Catskill Mountains closed, a retirement community started in its place. Oddly, with aliens so far technologically ahead of the curve they really are far behind in pop culture. The hit movie in space right now is Dirty Dancing. Wanting to go to the place where Baby was never put in the corner, you can imagine the Antareans disappointment to learn it had closed and worse than that Johnny Castle was dead. Vowing to never let their favorite movie stars die again the Antareans decided to share the secret to eternal life with Hollywood. Unfortunately, the Antareans soon realized Hollywood already had the secret to staying youthful: plastic surgery. Already having made the informational packets, the Antareans decided to share the secret with those at the Kellerman Estate: Stay young- go dancing. *Cue hilarious 80’s dancing montage here*

Those old folks are at it again with their aging and hearing loss and incredible yearnings to be young again. Cocoon 3: Dirty Dancing Edition is a story about being young at heart and old every where else…with aliens!


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