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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

I’m going to be honest with you dearest internet, this is how my apartment looks at the moment

20110812-092225.jpg you see, it occurred to me that I have so much stuff I literally and figuratively have no room for anything new in my life. I’m holding on to all these things for some future version of me I’m not even sure exists. It is time to purge to make way for new. Time to prune to allow for new fruit to grow. Time to pile all my shit in a corner so I have to dig myself out of this theoretical hole I’ve dug my life into… I apologize for all the metaphors, there turns out to be A LOT of dust in my apartment, which as I knew, I’m crazy allergic to. Yay! However, my mom came over last night and helped me clean and rearrange my bedroom which was a major help. However, my living room looks as if a bomb consisting of homeless people with very odd taste exploded leaving nothing safe. Luckily, next Saturday morning there will be a garage sale at the home of my parental units (if you live around Mesa, AZ you should drop by- there will be coffee!) and I plan on spending today organizing the disaster I left myself. All this to say there is not gonna be a Rejected Book Plot today. While rearranging my life and room I somehow managed to knock out the cable and Internet (I’m writing this from an app on my phone) A guy is coming between 3-5 today (ha!) to fix it. So, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back with songs and pictures and the yuckity yucks for you blogites. Until then, peace and love- it’s amazing what you can get accomplished when your quarter life crisis realizes it has less than 3 months before it loses the coolness of being able to be called “quarter of a century”. But I digress…


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