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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Josephine: My Transgendered Neighbor

“I have this neighbor who always felt like she was trapped… in a man’s body. One night she got drunk and decided it was time, she was going to cut off her penis and make her womanly dreams come true. We weren’t really that close but if I forgot to put out my trash cans on Friday, Josephine would drag them to the curb for me. She really was a good neighbor like that. I just so happened to be out on a night jog when she was on her porch working up the courage to follow through on her dreams. She asked if I wanted to watch. Out of morbid curiosity, I said hells yes and followed her inside. In retrospect, I should have talked her out of it or at the very least insist she have a doctor do the procedure. Only, I knew her pain- feeling trapped, if this was her way out, I was going to support her!” – The haunting opening scene of the latest in tear induced Lifetime movies.

Coming soon to Lifetime comes an original movie based on the horrifying true life story that I’m making up as I’m typing this comes Josephine: My Transgendered Neighbor. You never know what your neighbor is hiding.

Out Magazine is calling Josephine: My Transgendered Neighbor a movie for almost no one!

Wired said they wouldn’t even force the intern everyone hates, Jimmy, to review this film!

Entertainment Weekly put Josephine: My Transgendered Neighbor on its Must (not) List!


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