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Not every book can be the next Twilight

Look Who’s Talking…Again

 22 years after the movie that put talking babies on the map comes the hilarious sequel Look Who’s Talking…Again. Mikey, is all grown up and now has a family of his own. When his son Sammy is born, Mikey unexpectedly gets transfered from New York to New Jersey for business. Mikey does everything he can to get home to his family but it is becoming a strain on everyone, especially Sammy. One day, after Mikey leaves for work, Sammy decides to take on the big city and find his father before his mother packs up and ships out. Frantic, Mikey and his wife go searching for Sammy and find their marriage along the way. (And Sammy, it isn’t like they reconcile and forget they have a son or anything. Plus the kid is totally fine, guys. Don’t be such a gloomy Gus, this is a kids movie. Clearly, a lovable homeless man played by Samuel L. Jackson will lend a hand in Sammy’s safety.)

Sammy who is voiced by Ashton Kutcher (this is funny because is there anything Bruce Willis has done that Ashton won’t come in and do younger?) and with the help of Kirstie Alley and John Travolta as Sammy’s grandparents, Look Who’s Talking…Again is a hilarious romp for the whole family.


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