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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Kiss Quick: The Untold Aurora Tale

(You’ll want to listen to this song while reading, it is truly a companion guide and inspiration for this post)

Most people think I was under a sleeping spell, I mean I have been dubbed “Sleeping Beauty” my entire life and I’d venture to say yours as well. I realize what I’m about to divulge makes me seem, well, vain. Here’s the thing: I am a princess; I can’t just marry the first prince that comes my way. I have needs, desires, fairy tales of my own- ya know? So when I heard the folk tale that if I touched a spindle, I and the town would sleep for 100 years, I saw it as my opportunity. I was close to getting engaged to Prince Frank, yes FRANK what kind of Prince is named Frank? Frankly (hehe), he was not for me but father kept insisting. I decided I would plot to give myself enough time to find a future mate, so faked the whole spindle thing. I kind of have this power that can freeze time, I think it is commonly know in the 21st Century as a “Zack Morris Time Out” where I can break the fourth wall and everything around me freezes. I’m not proud of this, but I froze the town. I then put an anonymous ad on Craigslist telling of my tale that only my one true love can awaken me with a kiss and save the kingdom. Well, the response was overwhelming. I was getting men from Fantasia, Sherwood Forrest, Wonderland, Mr. McGregor’s Garden, Neverland, heckaroo even as far as the Thousand Acre Woods. Men were coming far and wide to bestow true love’s kiss upon my lips. It became exhausting, I think at one point I contracted mono, I’m not gonna say from who so don’t ask, I’m a lady. Well all this pretending and stranger’s spit really takes a toll on a princess but I knew I had to keep with it. Kiss Quick: The Untold Aurora Tale is the story of how a girl just wanted to find her true love and went a little overboard doing it…but her intentions were good.




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