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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Day the Music Died…

It was a Tuesday. Cathy had always relied on music to tell her what to do, how to feel, even what to buy. That is until the unthinkable happened. Cathy went to the best concert of her life and blew an eardrum. Her life went from a musical masterpiece to a series of buzzes and clicks. How could this be? She went to her music library to find the perfect song to express her angst but alas couldn’t hear it. They say everyone has a crutch, music was hers and she was going through withdrawals, big time! Then Cathy met Big Joe who promised to take her on a path of music-free enlightenment.

Could Cathy adapt in this tune-free society? When her hearing finally returns will she go back to depending on the music? When I said her spirital guide’s name was Big Joe did you imagine a big black guy or like an indian chief? The Day the Music Died… is a story of finding yourself when all seems lost.


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