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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Forever 27 Club

Johnny “Bulldog” Ranch was the best musician of his generation. He was selling out stadiums at 19. His band Johnny and the Bulldogs developed the kind of following Beiber had but a lot less wholesome. He won both critical acclaim as well as pop culture’s admiration. He was living the dream. With all the money, women and drugs the world had to offer he knew he was going to burn out instead of fade away. In fact, he dreamt of the infamy of joining the Forever 27 Club. Bulldog knew the only way to cement his rockstar status was to join this group of incredible musicians. On the eve his 27th birthday, Bulldog wrote out a list of everything he wanted to do in the next year and if natural causes didn’t take ahold he would take matters into his own hands. He would, one way or another, be a part of the Forever 27 Club.

Join Johnny as he tours the last year of his life living harder and faster than most people do in an entire lifetime. Will Bulldog live in infamy? Will his strong desire to be a member of this club leave music fans feeling robbed? With the public knowing this would be his last year, would they try to stop his rock and roll lifestyle? Forever 27 Club is a tale of just how far one man will go to be remembered.


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