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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Ballad of Love and Hate

 Natalie always felt like her life was split between two worlds: Love and Hate. She felt you couldn’t have one without the other. She loved to hate the Kardashians and hated to love ice cream. It felt like a cosmic balance. She knew if she were too happy something she could hate was right around the corner. Conversely, whenever she was down she knew there would be something to love just waiting for her. Love-Hate. Hate-Love. The two were interchangeable and completely reliant on each other.

That is until she walked into Cake Baby and had the best cupcake she had ever had. She looked around for something to hate because she knew with how perfect this moment she was having was there must be something bad just seconds away. Then something unimaginable happened, nothing. Natalie had the perfect cupcake, in the perfect shop, with the perfect music playing while drinking the perfect cup of coffee. There was nothing, nothing to hate. Her entire world was thrown out of balance. Did life have to be both love AND hate filled? Could you just love without the hate?

Join Natalie as she tries to navigate through this new love-filled hippie world. Would she know what to do with herself with all of this hate-free time? Would her march on Washington against hate be successful? (Did I not mention she was now a lobbyist for the love-only campaign?!?)



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