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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Murder on the 3rd Floor

Today started just like any other- fought the 45 minute traffic commute to the office, got a cup of coffee, started returning emails- ya know the usual. Like I said, totally normal but isn’t that how every horror story begins? Kids are driving on a two lane highway and they get a flat tire and then bam! murdered. Another kid is just trying to earn extra money for a prom dress so decides to babysit and then bam! murdered. No horror story would take place in an office building. Just being there is already a nightmare, WHERE’S THE SUSPENSE? At least that’s what I thought.

I was working late to try and get ahead of my workload with a big vacation coming up. Everyone had already left so it was nice and quiet to get a lot of work done. Then (a “then” in a story is never good in this context) the lights went out, the construction site next door was empty and the sheet covering the space was waving ever so slightly in the presumably empty space and if that weren’t creepy enough the exit sign was flickering to the beat of my paranoid heart. “This is how I die” I kept thinking over and over.

Then from behind I heard footsteps. My heart starting beating harder and harder as I panicked thinking of what to do, how I could defend myself. As the footsteps stopped I thought my heart would explode from terror and that’s exactly what it did. Now I’m doomed to haunt this place because my wife brought me dinner to the office and scared me to death.

The end.

MISDIRECTION! Sometimes comedy is in the unexpected. Other times, there is no comedy and the power goes out in the office and you take a creepy picture and then think of a sad death story to keep your mind off the fact the air conditioner is out as well and the only thing you can think about is how you have to stop drinking coffee because A. It’s hot inside and 2. The walk to the bathroom is creepy x1000.




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