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TV’s Saddest and/or Most Shocking Deaths Vol. 1

I’ve spent the better part of the last and a half week re-watching LOST from the beginning and it hit me: there is no one I love on that show they won’t kill off (). So it got me thinking about other TV deaths and the ones that both saddened and shocked me, here is a list of a few in no particular order of sadness. (It was a slow rejected book plot day, I am still mourning the loss of Charlie but at least I have Desmond as my constant.)

John Ritter on Scrubs and 8 Simple Rules

Why was it so sad?

The man unexpectedly died in real life and Hollywood got to pay their final respects on-screen. If I wasn’t welling up when Zach Braff received a cake from his on-screen brother, Tom Cavanagh, before being told his father was dead on Scrubs, I was sure a mess when 8 Simple Rules had their funeral episode honoring the great legend.

Peter Krause: Six Feet Under

Why was it so sad?

Who surprisingly kills off a main character 3 episodes before the series finale? Alan Ball that’s who! Nate’s death lead to the best series finale I’ve ever seen but it caught me so off-guard, I was legitimately upset by it.

Julie Benz: Dexter

Why was it so sad?

Where to start? Dexter finally feels like he can be human and have this family, he takes out the Trinity Killer and then rushes home to meet Rita for a much deserved honeymoon and then bam! Rita is dead in the tub and his adorable baby is sitting in her blood, crying. Born in blood, just like him. I never saw it coming, even afterwards I was hoping it was a dream.

Emma Caulfield: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why was it so sad?

You can’t expect to go through the Apocalypse without some causalities but this one hurt. Anya had grown so much from just your typical vengeance demon, she became someone you genuinely loved. Seeing her die to save her friends was great and beautiful TV.

T. R. Knight: Grey’s Anatomy

Why was it so sad?

There have been a lot of memorable Grey’s deaths but this was the first of the originals to bite the dust. Yes, the contract negotiations and public talks of him and Katherine Heigl wanting off the show were both unprofessional and a bit ridiculous but they handled his death in the only way Grey’s knows how: big and shocking.

Michelle Williams: Dawson’s Creek

Why was it so sad?

Poor Jen had been through so much in her short lifetime only to be killed off the in the final episodes of the series. With a flashforward you see she has a daughter and a short time to live. Dawson is making a video for her daughter for after she’s gone and Jack gets custody of the little one. This one wasn’t as shocking (like Dawson’s dad dying) as it was sad. I wanted my Creeker’s to live forever but least Joey and Pacey got together!


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