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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Batman: The Musical!

 With the enormous ticket sale success of Spiderman: The Musical, comes the latest in staged superhero antics. From the twisted minds of Christopher Nolan and my little brother comes the musical for the ages. Batman: The Musical! tells the story of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman as they fight to protect Gotham City from the perils of The Joker.

With music by Sting and The Police you’ll be certain to walk out singing such soon to be hits as If I Were a Rich Man, Oh Wait- I Am! and Why Do We Fall, Master Bruce?

Don’t forget about The Joker’s rock anthem that surely will bring you to your feet: JK.
Batman: The Musical! is the story of good versus evil, right versus wrong, tenor versus bass. Unlike anything you’ve seen on stage before, you’ll be begging to have your enemies share in your dread.


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