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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Beetlejuice Origins: Barbara and Adam Maitland

Before Barbara and Adam were undead, haunting their idyllic New England country home, they were a happily married swinging couple. Before their death, they owned a relatively successful hardware store. Adam was a highly-skilled miniature model maker, while Barbara enjoyed fixing items around their home- she was a big fan of when the drain would get clogged. Barbara used to say a clogged drain is mother nature’s way of reminding you that you aren’t too good to snake gobs of your own matted hair in a long slow reveal until you gag.

In Beetlejuice they came off as a relatively harmless, naive couple but they were so much more than that. Sure Adam was a highly skilled miniature model maker but when the sun came down the masks came out. Famous for their key parties, Adam and Barbara were the IT couple in town. That is until things got a little out of hand one night and someone ended up dead. After a thorough investigation and no real leads the case went dead causing quite a bit of unresolved issues. This was so haunting for Adam and Barbara they were forced to hang up their swinging ways and move to the country.

Join Adam and Barbara before the whole undead mess and see what they were like among the living. You’ll never see Beetlejuice the same way again. Beetlejuice Origins: Barbara and Adam Maitland is a story of love before loss and good versus evil without all that moral mumbo jumbo.


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